Sunday, May 31, 2009

Possible Causes for Those Love Handles

Before you begin Jihad with your belly fat and toning your abs, you need to understand a bit more about how your body works. You might discover why you are having such a difficult time winning the war against your bulge.
A lot of Americans believe that it stems from improper eating or lack of exercise. While this may be the most common case, there can also be other reasons:

There are two common body types:
apple and pear. It sounds delicious but true, so I have read. If you gain and store fat in lower parts of your body then you would be considered pear-shaped.
If you’re the kind of person that stores more fat in your stomach and middle section than anywhere else then you would be considered apple-shaped. Look at your own family if you notice that a lot of them are heavier around the middle area then it’s quite possible that you have the genes that make you genetically apple-shaped when you put on excess weight.
This is a big one. When you are under stress, your body releases the hormone cortisol.
In turn, this hormone causes your liver to make excess sugar that your body doesn’t really need. As a result, you begin to feel hungrier and begin to eat more.
Improper Digestion
Improper digestion due to stress may cause several kinds of gastrointestinal problems leaving you gassy and bloated. Many people who complain about persistent belly fat often times have gas which causes the bloating effect.
Slow Metabolism
As we get older, our metabolism tends to slow down. That means you don’t burn calories as fast or as easily as you did when you were younger. A slower metabolism can also result in extra storage.
Poor Posture
Your posture can make a huge difference in how your stomach looks.
Eating Late at Night
You should never eat within three hours of your bedtime.
Determine Your Cause
Consult your doctor if you have serious concerns.
After menopause occurs in women fat begins storing itself.

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