Monday, June 8, 2009

Dry Brushing

So I was surfing the Internet and came across dry brushing?! Well its supposed to be good for you although I have never heard of it. Definitely not in any health class. Brushing the skin helps unplug the pores, increase its ability to absorb nutrients, increase circulation to the skin cells. Healthy skin needs to ‘breathe’. Rid it regularly of dry skin cells and the body will react by producing new skin cells. Your skin will immediately feel silkier and on the long term will look healthier, loosing that dry appearance. Also, fat deposits are better distributed, the nervous system is rejuvenated, and nerve endings are stimulated.

What is the right way to dry brush your skin:

Start off with a natural bristle brush or loofah. Synthetic brushes or exfoliation cloths are harsh and create tiny scratches on your skin which may result in drier, irritated skin. Those with eczema, acne or other skin problems should consult with a health practitioner first. Most articles give this order:
 Never ‘scrub’ your skin using hard pressure. Use firm but gentle pressure. It should feel good!
 Always work in the direction of the heart. Start with the right foot, working in a circular motion first on the outside upwards then the inside. Repeat on the left also up to the top of the leg.
 Stomach area: in a clockwise, circular motion from the navel outwards.
 Right buttocks then the left: large circular motion, ending with strokes upwards.
 Right hand, arm: as described for the legs – outer first then the inner area working upwards. Repeat on left.
 Breast area: gently in a figure eight several times avoiding the sensitive nipple area.
 Ribs: brush from the top down to the waist
 Back: from the neck area downward horizontally (or circular if this is difficult).
All of the above will only add 5 minutes more to your morning routine.

Rinse off under a warm shower. There is no need to use soap or shower gel on the brushed areas of the body as it is now immaculately clean. I also read that you can alternate between warm and cool water to really boost circulation.

Lightly pat the skin with a towel. Massage oils such as almond, jojoba, or a good body lotion. A fine layer of nourishing oil will help the skin retain its natural moisture.


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